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Luminous, Vintage, Multifaceted, Unconventional = Lisbon


Lisbon's most impressive attraction is the city itself. It is a monument to the romance of the past, and an aesthetically seductive place that forces contemplation in every one of its hills. 

Topped by an imposing castle, breathtaking viewpoints, and whitewashed monuments, each of those seven legendary hills has a different personality. They form an enigmatic, incredibly scenic, refreshingly authentic city with a unique essence and atmosphere that result in a highly-photogenic-yet-not-superficially-flashy European capital. You'll be in a constant state of serendipity, dazzled by its unconventional beauty and seduced by its infectious spirit. With a mild, mostly sunny climate, the days will seem to have more than 24 hours, making you move at a slower pace, fall in love with genuine and multifaceted neighborhoods, and become fascinated by an eclectic mix of sights and sounds. 

Time-worn and disorderly yet also surprisingly cutting-edge, Lisbon keeps it real, a city where not everything is immediately apparent and that demands curious exploration. So follow in the footsteps of Vasco da Gama and other local heroes, and begin your own voyage of discovery now:


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The Lisbon shopping experience can be quite different from that of most other European capitals. It is a cultural experience, going beyond the famous international brands. 

Many shops downtown seem to be frozen in time, making the neighborhood feel like a living museum. Most of its businesses survive on tourist curiosity and on low frozen rents (such as the haberdashers on Rua da Conceição) and there is a series of new and old shops specializing in local retro-wrapped products. 

There are also cool vintage boutiques in Bairro Alto open in the afternoon until past dinner time, as well as catwalk creations by local designers in the same neighborhood and in Chiado. 

Chiado, together with Avenida da Liberdade, is also the place for international up-market brands, while Rua Augusto Rosa by the cathedral, Rua Dom Pedro V in Príncipe Real, and Rua de São Bento by São Bento Palace are lined with antiques. 

Therefore those used to characterless malls will find shopping in Lisbon to be a refreshing experience, although the city has been invaded by those too. The largest ones are Colombo and Centro Vasco da Gama, which stay open until midnight. 

Below is what you should be putting on your Lisbon shopping list:

Ahead of the game: early Christmas gifts

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In the first of six gift guides, presents that require advance planning

Ahead of the game: early Christmas gifts

We know: the turkeys are still being fattened, fur coat season is just beginning, the skis are not yet waxed; it seems impossibly early to turn one’s mind to holiday gifts. But it’s never too soon for present-planning. In the interests of alleviating stress, this week, and for the next five, we offer our own curated selection of fail-safe surprises. First up: those items that demand forward-planning, either because of personalisation or rarity. Think of it as our present to you. Joyeux Novembre.


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Lisbon is cool because it’s not interested in fitting in. It’s a breath of fresh air in a globalized world, a place that doesn’t compromise its simple authentic pleasures while managing to embrace what’s new in the global village.

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